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Cast iron anchorage

Cast iron anchorage

The anchoring system is including anchor head, anchor wedge and anchor plate.

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    Adopts the ductile iron material, and combines the traditional anchor head and the anchor plate into one,
    which greatly simplifies the complicated machining process in the previous anchor tool processing

    The utility model is characterized in that the tension end anchor is integrated with the anchor ring by ductile iron,
    and the structure is compact and the anchoring is reliable.

    The full length of the prestressing tendon can be completely closed.
    Flat Shape, Mature Efficiency Design, Straight or Arc shape anchor head abailable 3, 4, 5 holes available;
    Well Deburring and Chamfering; Galvanized or Chemical Dioxide Surface Treatment( Black).

    Advantage: simple structure, Convenient installation, Good sealing performance, Used for unbonded prestressed building works

    If you have the need,please tell me your requirement at once,we will according to your request to provide for you.


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